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The Evercade is a handheld emulation device released by Blaze Entertainment in 2020. Unlike other emulation consoles, the Evercade was designed to play cartridge-based collections of licensed games, rather than whichever games the user already owned. With a total catalogue of 291 officially licensed games across 27 cartridges, the Evercade can currently officially emulate systems ranging from the Atari 2600 to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. While the Evercade does not have any official means of multi-controller multiplayer support unlike its successor, the Evercade VS home emulation console, many of the device's official cartridges had multiplayer support implemented in anticipation of such a device. While both the Evercade and its VS successor have audio and video output and share cartridge compatibility, the latter also has Wi-Fi connectivity for the purpose of automatically installing firmware updates.